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Win back lost sales on your Shopify store using Messenger. It’s simple. It’s free.

Convert store and cart abandoners into buyers with Messenger at 4x the conversion rates of email. Convertfly automates Messenger Marketing in minutes.

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*Takes less than 5 seconds

Trusted by popular stores

Messenger chats convert a lot better than email

Quick, short and conversational

Build better customer relationships and experiences


Be on top of inbox

Your message sits on top of Messenger inbox instead of promotions tab or spam

Get insane engagement rates

80%+ open rates, CTRs 4x more than email, before your competitors catch up

..and email, what’s that?

Millennials use messaging apps 4 times more than email; it’s 8x for 13-24 year olds

Here’s how Convertfly Messenger Marketing works

Just like email, you've to opt in your visitors to your store's Messenger list and then send messages to them

Nancy visits your store and opts in for an offer

Just like email, it is essential to build your Messenger List. Enticing shoppers to opt in lets you to message them on Messenger. Shoppers opt in for your great offers and you transition them into buyers.

*this is not related to your Facebook page likes

But a notification distracts her away from you

Convertfly knows when Nancy has left and waits for about an hour to see if she comes back.

Now, it’s time to bring her back using Convertfly

An hour later, while she’s chatting on Messenger with her friends, she receives a message from your Shopify store with the cart already pre-filled with her items and a 10% offer if she buys it right now.


Nancy visits your Shopify store


She gets distracted by an Instagram notification


Convertfly reminds her about her


She comes back and completes her purchase

Convertfly is designed to take your sales to the next level

Convertfly sends personalized messages to your shoppers and does it automatically to get you the most sales

Convert more cart abandoners into sales than email

Convertfly automatically sends instant messages on Messenger along with the list of items into the cart and a direct link to your store’s checkout. Get 4x the conversions of email.

Recover lost sales from window shoppers, without ads

A big chunk of your store’s traffic browses without adding anything to cart. Convertfly retargets them on Messenger with their most viewed product and gets them back to your Shopify store, just like Retargeting ads but free. 😉

Takes less than 2 minutes to set up

All subscriber widgets and sales campaigns like Abandoned Cart Recovery and Messenger Retargeting are already setup. All you need to do is turn them on and start making extra sales. That’s it!

Easily customize widgets to your store’s branding

Customize Convertfly widgets based on your branding and start collecting Messenger subscribers from your home, product and collections pages.

Facebook Messenger is the fastest growing channel in the world. With 1.3B users, it is already larger than Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest combined. It’s also the only channel of this magnitude that isn’t saturated with marketers (yet).
When you send a prospect a Facebook message, they’re far more likely to view and click through than they would with an email marketing message.

It’s hard to ignore! Plus, it’s new and exciting.
Messenger marketing is short and sweet. Instead of long-form email newsletters, users receive a short message, almost like a tweet. Consumers in general are getting used to shorter and on-point messages in their personal communication, and they expect the same in their business communication, as well.
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